Excise Duty


The Excise Wing of Taxation Department, Government of Sindh, is responsible for controls the manufacturing and sale of excisable items consisting of intoxication liquor and drugs. The detail of such items is as under: -

  1. Intoxicating liquor (PMFL and Beer)
  2. Rectified Spirit.
  3. Denatured Spirit.
  4. Methanol and
  5. Intoxicating drugs.

The Excise matters are dealt under the following enactments:

  1. Prohibition (Enforcement of Hold) ordinance 1979.
  2. Sindh Prohibition Rule 1975.
  3. The Sindh Abkari act 1878.
  4. Sindh Excise Manual Volume-I.


S.no Kind of License/Permission/Fee Fees
1 Trade and Import of Portable Liquor License (whole Sale Rs. 70,00,00/- License fee and Renewal fee Rs. 6,00,000/- per annum
2 Retail Sale of Liquor to permit holders. Rs.150,000/- per annum
3 Excise Duty on PMFL Rs. 2160/- Per proof Gallons on PMFL
4 Excise Duty on Beer Rs. 76/- Per liter on Beer
5 Retail of License

Rs.50,00,00/- License fee and

Rs. 3,50,000/- per annum

6 Permit Fee of PMFL Rs. 10/- per unit of PMFL
7 Permit Fee on Beer Rs.0.50/- per bottle of Beer
8 Club License Rs.10,000/- per annum
9 Sale of Rectified Spirit License Rs.30,000/- per annum
10 Whole Sale Denatured Spirit License Rs.5,000/- per annum
11 Permit Fee on Denatured Spirit Rs.10/- per Bulk Gallon
12 Vend Fee on Denatured Spirit Rs.6/- per Bulk Gallon
13 Whole sale Methanol License Rs.5,000/- per annum
14 Permit Fee on Methanol Rs.10/- per Bulk Gallon
15 Lodging/Storage Fee Rs.1/- per Bulk Gallon
16 Denaturation of Rectified Spirit License Rs.4,000/- per annum
17 Retail Sale Denatured Spirit License Rs.200/- as License fee and Rs.200/- as Bottling Permission
18 Retail Sale Rectified Spirit License Rs.500/-
19 Trade and Import of Portable (Bonders) License Rs.2,00,000/- per annum
20 Intoxicants (Manufacture)License Rs.1,500/- per annum
21 Intoxicants (Commercial) License Rs.1,500/- per annum
22 Permission to Purchase and use Denatured Spirit/Methanol in Art or Industry Rs.500/- per annum
23 Permission to use Rectified Spirit in the Manufacture of spirituous Medicinal Preparation/Toilet Preparation Rs.2,500/- per annum
24 Hotel License/Permission Fee Average rent one day X 100
25 Issuance of P.R. II in favor of Non-Muslim Foreigner. Rs.25/- Per Month Valid for 3 Months
26 Naukarnama Fee Rs.100/- for Service dealing in Liquor/maintaining account. per person per annum. Rs.50/- per persons per annum for Dealing Minor License
27 Establishment Charge On annual basis, from the private bonded Warehouse/Distillery as per salary and allowance as advance.
28 Issuance of Duplicate Transport Permit/Import Permit/Extension Rs.10/-
29 Shifting of Retail off Liquor License premises Rs.50,000/-
30 Shifting of Trade and Import of Portable Liquor License Premises Rs.10,000/-
31 Deletion/inclusion of Partners/Directors in Retail off Liquor License Rs.35,000/- per person
32 Registration/approval of Power of Attorney. Rs.100/- per person per annum
33 Deletion/inclusion of Partners/Directors in Trade and Import of Portable Liquor License Rs.5000/- per person.