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The Excise and Taxation Department has been mandated the twin functions of "TAX COLLECTION AND NARCOTICS SUPPRESSION". This department initially created in 1908, has been in the arena of tax collection and narcotics control in the province in various silhouettes/ structure but started functioning as an independent entity since 1971 after having disintegrated of one unit. This Department has incessantly been achieving the target of tax collection but has always exceeded them. This Department's contribution to provincial exchequer on taxation side comes to around 64% of total tax revenue receipts of the provincial Government and plays paramount important role in resource mobilization, trajectory of development and reforms programmers initiated by the Government from time to time.

The prime goal of Department is to rationalize/simplify the system of collection of provincial taxes/levies/cess to provide all possible facilities to the taxpayers and to boost up the Government exchequer & to clamp down drug traffic/abuse, which is a pervasive and multifaceted curse and affects every aspect of not only the Pakistani society but the International community as well, which needs a well-coordinated, concerted and synergistic efforts on part of not only all the Government Agencies/Departments but also International Agencies/Donors including civil organizations/NGO.